UFC Paris live stream results, Gane vs. Tuivasa play-by-play updates

UFC Paris live stream results, Gane vs. Tuivasa play-by-play updates

UFC Paris live stream results and play-by-play updates: Heavyweight hurters Ciryl Gane and Tai Tuivasa are leading the charge for the promotion’s debut in Paris, France, by way of Accor Arena on ESPN+ today (Sat., Sept. 3, 2022), a 12-fight MMA card that also features the middleweight co-main event between former champion Robert Whittaker and ex-title challenger Marvin Vettori. Stateside fans will be tuning in early today as the UFC Paris “Prelims” get underway at noon ET, followed by main card action at 3 p.m. ET. Lightweight veterans Nasrat Haqparast and John Makdessi will look to leave a lasting impression for the live spectators in Gay Paree, not long after featherweight bruisers Jarno Errens and William Gomis — a late (and local) addition to the UFC Paris fight card — step foot inside the Octagon for the first time in their respective combat sports careers.

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PIVOTAL HEAVYWEIGHT CLASH! Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) hits Paris, France, on Sat., Aug. 30, 2022, for the first ever with a pivotal battle between top-ranked Heavyweight contenders that will see No. 1-ranked Ciryl Gane look to get back into the title chase at the expense of No. 3-seeded knockout artist, Tai Tuivasa. In UFC Paris’ co-main event, the top two Middleweight contenders on the roster, Robert Whittaker and Marvin Vettori, will lock horns, with the winner potentially earning another future date with division kingpin, Israel Adesanya.

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Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Gane vs. Tuivasa.” Without further delay, see below for the updated UFC Paris results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action).


Ciryl Gane def. Tai Tuivasa — KO, punches, Rd. 3 4:23 — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS
Robert Whittaker def. Marvin Vettori — Decision, unanimous, 30-27×2, 29-28
Nassourdine Imavov def Joaquin Buckley — Decision, unanimous, 29-28 x2, 30-27
Roman Kopylov def. Alessio Di Chirico — KO, punches, Rd. 3 1:09 — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS
William Gomis def. Jarno Errens — Decision, majority, 29-28 x2, 29-29
Nathaniel Wood def. Charles Jourdain — Decision, unanimous, 30-27 x2, 29-28
Abusupiyan Magomedov def. Dustin Stoltzfus — TKO, front kick & punches, Rd. 1 0:19
Nasrat Haqparast def. John Makdessi — Decision, unanimous, 30-27 x2, 29-28
Fares Ziam def Michal Figlak — Decision, unanimous, 30-27 x2, 29-28
Benoit Saint-Denis def. Gabriel Miranda — TKO, punches, Rd. 2 0:16 — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS
Cristian Quinonez def. Khalid Taha — TKO, punches, Rd. 1 3:15 — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS
Stephanie Egger def. Ailin Perez — Submission, rear-naked choke, Rd. 2 4:54 — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!


265 lbs.: Ciryl Gane vs. Tai Tuivasa

Round 1: Tuivasa in green, Gane in blue. Tuivasa avoids a leg kick as we open up. Eats a couple and lands one of his own. Body kick by Gane. Slow pace so far as we near the halfway part of the round. Tuivasa clips a right hand near the jawline. Gane hasn’t landed much aside from some kicks to the leg and to the body. Using his length to keep Tai at bay. There’s a quick jab by the Frenchman.

10-9 Gane in a dull opener

Round 2: Gane using his jab well again. Twice now. Front kick just misses Tuivasa’s nose. Tai bulls in and clips Cyril with a left as he circles out. Gane with more pot shotting kicks and jabs. There’s a left hand from Gane. Gane with a level change that went nowhere. He gets out with no danger. In the next exchange, Tuivasa hits a huge right hand that plants Gane! Gane tries to get up and eats another right! He’s up and out of immediate danger, but not clear yet. Big body kick crushes Tuivasa to the gut, twice now. Tuivasa is hurt! Gane marches forward now he eats a huge punch that stops him dead in his tracks. They look like they’ve both recovered a bit. Big right hand from Gane.

10-9 Tuivasa

Round 3: Slower pace to start this round. Gane tries a high kick, misses, and avoids the return fire. Liver kick by the Frenchy. Pop, pop, pop jab from Gane. A pair of body kicks has Tuivasa hurt. Head kick stuns Tuivasa! Looks like he was playing possum to get Gane to come in and he fires back hard. Jab to the head, head, body, head. Left hook from the former title-challenger. Stabbing front kick has Tuivasa hurt again, but he’s got heart and punches back when Gane moves in. Three more body kicks. Finally, one big right hand and Tuivasa is hurt bad! A couple follow up shots seals the deal and the ref stays in and waves it off.

Final result: Gane def. Tuivasa via KO, punches

185 lbs.: Robert Whittaker vs. Marvin Vettori

Round 1: Whittaker in black, Vettori in green. Whittaker with an outside low kick to open up. And another. A third. Whittaker tries lead right hands a couple times, failed both, but lands a nice counter right as Vettori tried for a leg kick of his own. Whittaker jab. Vettori tries a head kick. Whittaker hits another jab. Vettori looks like he can’t figure out the range so far. Robert leaps in with the jab again. There’s a jab and a left for the Italian. Vettori powers forward off a Whittaker jab and they clinch… and nothing occurs from it. “Bobby Knuckles” keeps landing these lunging jabs and his footwork has kept him from eating much of anything. Vettori swings a 3-piece combo, but misses all of it. Vettori gets a body kick, but also eats a straight right for his troubles.

10-9 Whittaker

Round 2: Whittaker pistons in a front kick to the stomach. Vettori evades a head kick and Whittaker falls over from his momentum. Bob up with no worries. They clinch and Vettori can’t do anything with it until Whittaker breaks away. Glancing head kick from Whittaker followed by a 1-2. Leg kick from Marvin, who blocks a head kick. Whittaker keeps hitting that head kick that cracks into Vettori’s guard. It’s still doing some damage, despite none of them landing clean. Straight right from the Aussie. 1-2. Whittaker is picking his spots well here. The announcers brought this up, but these guys are both really top-level middleweights and they’re a combined 0-4 to Adesanya. Stabbing kick to the thigh of Vettori.

10-9 Whittaker

Round 3: Couple of straight kicks from Robbie. Vettori pops in a left. Marvin tries a 1-1-2, but hits air as Whittaker circles out. Head kick from Whittaker lands very clean. Right hand followup. A knee as Vettori ducks down. I’ve joked that Vettori is too stupid to get knocked out, but he’s out here proving that he can’t have his lights turned off. Check right from Whittaker. 1-2 by Whittaker and he lands the 2 clean. He’s pot-shotting Vettori something fierce here. Vettori shoots, Whittaker defends well, and is able to circle off the cage clean. Whittaker thuds home a right hand. Light-speed jab finds the mark for Whittaker and he surges forward into a takedown. Marvin squirms up and eats a huge left hand for his efforts in getting up. Crushing jab.

10-8 Whittaker

Final result: Whittaker def. Vettori via decision, Unanimous (30-27×2, 29-28)

185 lbs.: Joaquin Buckley vs. Nassourdine Imavov

Round 1: Imavov in blue, Buckley in black. No touch of gloves, as both men seem to have a bit of animosity to them still. Inside low kick from Buckley. A second one. Imavov throws a right in response to a third one. Imavov with a night right hand as they move forward to each other into a clinch. Front kick from Imavov knocks out Buckley’s mouthpiece. The ref pauses it to restart and has to bully Imavov away before letting them restart, Imavov catches a kick and trips Buckley down. Nice right in the clinch from the Frenchman, who lands a jab on a circling Buckley. Double jab now. Buckley backs him up with a 1-2-3.

10-9 Imavov

Round 2: Imavov on the front foot, pressing forward. Right hand lands for Imavov. Another a few seconds later. His footwork has kept him out of danger from the shorter Buckley. Imavov thumbs Buckley in the eye and we’ve got a short pause while referee Goddard warns Imavov. Buckley still moving well, exploding off the cage when he gets backed up too close. He surges forward and lands a big right on Imavov. Buckley moves forward and eats a counter right solid. Imavov level changes and gets the takedown. Imavov has the left hand trapped and Buckley’s in a bit of trouble. They roll to their side and Imavov is trying for a rear-naked. More of a neck crank, really. One minute to go. Tight body triangle has Buckley stuck here. An elbow has cut the American open. He can’t get the finish, but a dominant round.

10-9 Imavov.

Round 3: Imavov gets in the first significant strike of the round with a shovel hook. Buckley responds by swinging repeatedly and hits a pair of big shots there. Unfortunately for Buckley, Imavov didn’t like the chin check and takes him down. Much better response from Buckley as he’s back up and eventually back free. Uppercut from Imavov. Imavov with a right and Buckley flurries in response. Jab and a shot from Imavov who can’t get the takedown, but does land a nice 1-2 on the break. Both men looking a bit tired here. Great elbow. Buckley going body-head. Great sprawl from Buckley on a shot attempt and he gets a knee flush to the jaw. They clinch and Buckley manages to shuck Imavov off. Good round for Buckley, but likely not enough.

10-9 Buckley

Final result: Imavov def. Buckley via decision, Unanimous (29-28 x2, 30-27)

185 lbs.: Alessio Di Chirico vs. Roman Kopylov

Round 1: Di Chirico in green, Kopylov in red. MMA social media has jokingly referred to Kopylov as Russian Chase Hooper, and yea, I see it. RCH with a left-right. Kopylov backs up Di Chirico to the cage with some feints and that causes the Italian to come out swinging so he’s not standing up against the links. Kopylov leg kick. They exchange leg kicks. Kopylov falls down after he off-balances himself with a head kick, but Di Chirico isn’t able to capitalize. The ref has warned Di Chirico a couple times already about having outstretched fingers. Whipping body kick by Kopylov. Solid 1-2 as a follow up. Lunging jab lands for Kopylov. as does a flying knee. Di Chirico grabs onto said knee to try for a takedown, can’t get it.

10-9 Kopylov.

Round 2: While the announcers were busy yakking about sandwiches, we are back to action, and Kapylov lands a quick rip to the body. Avoids a knee, lands a 1-2. Di Chirico shoots for a single leg, can’t get it. There’s a 1-2 from Di Chirico, probably his first clean shot of the fight so far. Another right. They clinch and Di Chirico pushes Kopylov back to the fence. Di Chirico unable to get any takedown and eventually they separate. Thudding kick to the liver-side of Di Chirico. Kopylov just shoves Di Chirico down, but doesn’t move, allowing the Italian back up. Lands another liver kick. Di Chirico with a knee and a right hand. Right from Di Chirico, Left from Kapylov. Roman looking a bit tired here.

10-9 Kapylov

Round 3: Kapylov still looking a tad gassed here. Couple of light low kicks, however. Di Chirico responds with a 3-2 that both land. Kopylov hits that liver kick again and a sharp 1-2. Right-left-right-left and Di Chirico is out! What a knockout all of a sudden.

Final result: Kapylov def. Di Chirico via KO, punches

145 lbs.: Jarno Errens vs. William Gomis

Round 1: Errens in gray, Gomis in blue. Gomis getting backed up a bit from feints. Stands up straight, too. Now they’re back in space and he’s in a more conventional, wider stance. Gomis tries a jump kick. Lands an inside low kick. Gomis crashes forward into a clinch, gets the body lock and powers the Dutch fighter down. Side control. Full guard. Gomis with some short elbows. Some right hands, too. Errens gets a bit of space and explodes up, but the round ends with nothing significant.

10-9 Gomis

Round 2: They strike into a clinch again. Elbow by Errens. Gomis tries a jumping double-kick that gets oohs from the crowd. Huge straight right hand from Errens stuns the Frenchman. Errens comes forward and Gomis shoots into a knee. His chin holds up and he eventually gets the takedown. Gomis grinding here as Errens is working mostly from closed guard. Every time Errens tries top escape out the side, Gomis does a nice job of following him. Eventually Gomis backs off and they’re up in the open again. Gomis with a straight left. Cup check by Gomis, but Errens shrugs it off. Gomis with a great level change as he ducks under a punch from Errens. Great response by Errens as he rolls through and lands on top in mount. Gomis refuses to surrender the position and keeps scrambling, landing up on top. They’re up, and Errens hits a great hip toss. Now Gomis rolls through and he’s on top after the takedown by his opponent!

10-9 Ehrens in a really close round

Round 3: Big right hand lands clean on Gomis, but he wears it well. Low kick by Gomis gets countered by a right hand from Errens. Gomis clinches and backs Errens up to the fence. Finally, Gomis commits to a double-leg and gets it. Full guard halfway through the round. Thudding right to the body from Gomis. Errens trying to get his legs into play for a triangle or armbar, but Gomis is staying smart with good fundamentals. Errens tries a deep half Noguiera-style sweep, but can’t get it. Elbow from Gomis. They scramble a bit and Errens slaps on a triangle. It’s good, but he doesn’t quite have the angle, and after about 40 seconds of attempting it, Gomis manages to wiggle his way out of it.

10-9 Gomis in yet another close stanza.

Final result: Gomis def. Ehrens via decision, Majority (29-28×2, 29-29)

145 lbs.: Charles Jourdain vs. Nathaniel Wood

Round 1: Jourdain in black, Wood in red. Big pop for GSP in the crowd before the match starts. Wood with a quick jab. Jourdain with a cracking left. Wood with a nice trip takedown and he’s in guard. Jourdain doing his best to keep his back from being flat on the mat. Wood struggling to hold Jourdain down, and it’s preventing him from getting off any offense. Jourdain gives up his back to stand up, eventually spins and Wood breaks off with a left hand. Jourdain throwing strikes in bunches here. Wood with a kick that lands on the cup of Jourdain and we’ve got a small break. Big right hand from Wood wobbles Jourdain, but he has the wherewithal to circle and stay out of danger while he recovers.

One minute left. Jourdain hits a front kick to the body. Three shots to the body by Jourdain, Wood responds with a cracking overhand that backs up Jourdain again. Jourdain whiffs on a jump kick.

10-9 Wood

Round 2: Jourdain swinging in volume, but Wood using good footwork to avoid it all. Leg kick by Jourdain gets caught and Wood takes him down. Jourdain shrimps well and he’s up within a few seconds. Good left hook from Jourdain. The Brit slips and rips. Jourdain uppercut to the body, but gets tripped up yet again. Wood doing nothing with his top position. Ref warns him for action. Body, body, body… and there’s the standup. Wood with the double jab. They keep clinching and Jourdain is powering uppercuts in the close quarters. Wood with some leg kicks from the in-fighting position, reminiscent of Justin Gaethje. Both men with trip takedowns that lead to nothing.

10-9 Wood in a very close round

Round 3: Jourdain punching to the body. Lands a nice left hand. Wood with another trip takedown. Can’t do much of anything on the ground again. Jourdain stands and eats an elbow for his trouble. Wood with some clinch upppercuts this time and AGAIN, Wood with the sweep of the legs to send Jourdain to the canvas. Knee to the gut of Wood. Jourdain with 3 right hands to the body as they clinch yet again. Spinning backfist from Jourdain. Wood hits a front kick to the body. Left-right from Jourdain. Flying knee. Trip takedown with seconds left.

10-9 Jourdain

Final result: Wood def. Jourdain via decision, Unanimous (30-27 x2, 29-28)

185 lbs.: Abusupiyan Magomedov vs. Dustin Stoltzfus

Round 1: Magomedov in black, Stoltzfus in red. Stoltzfus pushes forward with a jab. The first shot Magomedov throws is a front kick to the face and it hurts Stoltzfus. Directly to the jaw, yeesh. Uppercut sits Stoltzfus down and a huge right hand seals the deal. What a brutal opening for Magomedov.

Final result: Magomedov def. Stoltzfus via TKO, front kick & punches

155 lbs.: Nasrat Haqparast vs. John Makdessi

Round 1: Haqparast in red, Makdessi in black. Feeling-out process from both men early. Not much landed from either man over the first 90 seconds. Crowd getting a bit anxious, and Haqparast mollifies them with a left hand. A left kick a few seconds later. The “Bull” kicks to the leg and the body. Haqparast with a quick 1-2. Makdessi hasn’t really landed much significant other than some peppy kicks.

10-9 Haqparast in a slow-paced round

Round 2: Haqparast counters a kick with a sharp left-right. Body-head-body by Haqparast and Makdessi is leaking near the eyebrow. John isn’t really able to land much other than occasional shots, mostly slapping kicks that aren’t landing flush. Haqparast catches Makdessi coming in and drops him with a left. Makdessi recovers quickly, and he’s back up without really taking any excess damage. We’re back to the original momentum of Makdessi coming forward, but unable to deal with the footwork of Haqparast. Nasrat cracks a right overhand that pauses Makdessi for a moment.

10-9 Haqparast

Round 3: Counter left by Haqparast. Nice switch kick, too, although it didn’t land clean. 1-2 from Makdessi. Gut-munching front kick, as well. Great 1-1-2 from Haqparast. Haqparast catches a leg kick, punches forward with a left, but doesn’t follow up when Makdessi stumbles back. Haqparast eats a left. Gets in a jab in return. And a left. Haqparast is really on his bike now. Sweet level change into a blast double by Haqparast. He can’t hold Makdessi down, however. John surging forward again, but right into another big double-leg takedown. He holds onto top position this time until the round ends.

10-9 Haqparast

Final result: Haqparast def. Makdessi via decision, Unanimous (30-27 x2, 29-28)

155 lbs.: Michal Figlak vs. Fares Ziam

Round 1: Figlak in red, Ziam in black. Figlak starts aggresively and is landing good kicks & punches early. Ziam with a solid counter. Ziam with a big right hand that Figlak mostly blocks. Leg kick by Ziam. Left hook, too. And a jab. Figlak with a takedown attempt, can’t get it, but Ziam can and he’s immediately into side control. Not great control, however, and Figlak squirms into a get-up. Back standing now and they’re in the open. Good right to the body by Figlak. Elbow from Ziam. They clinch. 90 seconds to go. Ziam tries another bodylock takedown, but Figlak has a strong whizzer and gets up immediately. Figlak works for one of his own, but gets reversed and is on top. He postures a bit and lands an elbow that splits Figlak open, but the space allows Michal to spin for an armbar attempt. He can’t get it.

10-9 Ziam

Round 2: Good exchanges from both men to start. Ziam tries another takedown, can’t get it. Back to swinging, not much landing clean. Ziam with a blast-double, transition into a single… can’t get it, but now he just hoists Figlak up and dumps him. Figlak tries a leg attack to get some space, can’t get it and Ziam pounces down to make sure he stays down. Ziam working on top, but can’t hold Figlak down. He’s up and swinging. Right hand from Figlak, knee by Ziam. Figlak trying for another takedown, Ziam with a spinning back elbow on the break from said clinch. That wobbles Figlak and Ziam is hunting for a finish. Can’t get it. Ziam is trying, gets mount, but can’t do anything with it before the round ends and Figlak survives.

10-9 Ziam

Round 3: Great leg kick from Ziam stops Figlak’s forward momentum. He switches stances and recovers enough to land a nice hook. Figlak working for a takedown against the fence and gets it. Ziam posts and is up in about 5 seconds. As the commentary notes, Figlak keeps punching into the clinch. Knee from Ziam who stuffs the TD attempt again. He tries for one of his own and gets the pick-up and dump. Ziam on top in full guard with two minutes. Figlak swivels for an armbar, can’t get it, back to guard. Figlak squirms and gets up. Ziam with a very bad shot that Figlak just steps back from and then immediately jumps on his back. Huge moment for Figlak here. Ziam is sweaty and manages to escape out of the back mount, but he’s still mounted. Figlak trying hard for something, anything, but Figlak channels his inner Derrick Lewis and just beast-mode powers his way out of the mount by sitting up with Figlak on him!

Time is almost up here and we’re going to the judges.

10-9 Ziam

Final result: Ziam def. Figlak via decision, Unanimous (30-27 x2, 29-28)

155 lbs.: Benoit Saint-Denis vs. Gabriel Miranda

Round 1: Huge pop for the hometown St. Denis in blue, while the Brazilian, Miranda, is in black. St. Denis with a body kick almost immediately, and Miranda answers with a takedown. St. Denis reverses position, but stands up and lets Miranda up. They’re swinging big right now. St. Denis with a spinning backfist that Miranda ducks and takes him down. St. Denis manages to spin into him and he gets up. Miranda landing a few shots and St. Denis looks a bit stunned. St. Denis answers with another spinning backfist, to which Miranda answers with another takedown. Again, the scramble and they’re back up.

Now St. Denis gets a takedown and is landing some GNP. He backs up a bit, however and they stall enough for the ref to stand them up. They’re swinging with reckless abandon and St. Denis lands a BIG left hand that knocks Miranda down. St. Denis with some follow up and a big left hand on the ground. The pace slows a bit, but St. Denis is still landing some good strikes here to a now-bloodied Miranda. Miranda creates some space and now they’re back up again. St. Denis with another series of punches and Miranda is wobbled… and down. The round ends before St. Denis can attempt to get the finish, however.

10-9 St. Denis

Round 2: Well, that was academic. Miranda was clearly not recovered and St. Denis knocks him out in the first exchange. Huge win for French MMA.

Final result: Benoit Saint-Denis def. Miranda via TKO, punches

135 lbs.: Khalid Taha vs. Cristian Quinonez

Round 1: Quinonez in green, Taha in gray. Quinonez takes center-cage, but isn’t being very aggressive early. Taha’s throwing some, but hasn’t been able to find the range. Good leg kick from Quinonez. Taha surges forward swinging hooks. Gets in a right. Quinonez with a frozen-rope of a jab. Quinonez with a huge right-hand counter that stuns and drops Taha. Quinonez pounces with another right and the ref stops it to the protestations of Taha.

Final result: Quinonez def. Taha via TKO, punches

145 lbs.: Ailin Perez vs. Stephanie Egger

Round 1: Perez in blue, Egger in red. No touch of gloves. Perez tries for a takedown, but the judo vet Egger rolls her over and then shifts position into guard. Bit of a scramble into north-south. Elbow from the Swiss fighter. Perez shrimps a bit and gets close to the cage, but still in a bad position. Side control. Perez rolls and goes for a single leg… gets the takedown, but Egger is back up within seconds. Perez tries a hip toss, but can’t get it. Now Egger manages a head-and-arm toss where she’s back on top. She’s landing short elbows directly to the head. Perez turns and gets back to her feet. 30 seconds left. Perez swinging and hits a good one, but then rushes into the clinch, where the round ends.

10-9 Egger

Round 2: In between rounds, we could hear Perez’s corner telling her to stop grappling. Technical difficulties cost me the first minute of the round, and I return to see Perez land a takedown against her corner’s advice. She’s on top and getting in some GNP. Egger manages to get her hips free and get to her knees. She’s up and now has Perez clinched to the cage. This clinch stalls quite a bit and this gives commentator Mike Bisping the opportunity to do his awful French accent. Solid trip from Egger gets Perez down. Egger now has her back and is hunting the rear-naked choke. Perez tries to tripod up and get Egger off her back, but solid control to maintain it. She slips her arm in under the chin… and gets the tap with about 6 seconds left!

Final result: Egger def. Perez via submission, RNC — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

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