iPhone 14 Pro design color options

iPhone 14 upgrade guide — who should upgrade from their current iPhone?

By this time next week, phone shoppers on the hunt for the best iPhone are going to have a decision to make — should they upgrade to any of the iPhone 14 models expected to appear next Wednesday at the Apple September 7 event? It’s a trickier choice than you might think. While new iPhones certainly deliver new features, owners of current models will need to figure out if those improvements are enough to justify the cost of a new phone.

It’s even more of a question this year, with rising prices straining budgets to the point where ponying up for a new phone might not be in the offing. If current iPhone owners are going to be convinced that it’s time to upgrade, the new iPhone 14 models will have to introduce enhancements that fill in features and capabilities existing devices don’t deliver.

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