Destiny 2: Lightfall is a battle of light vs. dark in a cyberpunk world

Destiny 2: Lightfall is a battle of light vs. dark in a cyberpunk world

Bungie advanced its next major for the first time Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion over two years ago, and ever since, players have gained control of the Darkness, battled Savathûn and his undead army, and witnessed… The Witness. Now it’s time to shake things up again with the release of Destiny 2: Lightfall on February 28, with its new cyberpunk world, new Strand subclasses, and much more.

It is also the final battle of the epic light versus dark saga of Destiny.

in the center of Destiny 2: Lightfall it’s an unusual new location for Bungie’s heavily cyberpunk franchise. A new hidden city of Neomuna on Neptune serves as a dystopian futuristic setting for the sequel to Destiny 2The story of , which will see the return of Calus as the main villain once again. The Witness, a mysterious humanoid villain, has Calus on his side in the battle to destroy the equally mysterious Traveler.

Neomuna, the capital city of Neptune, has bright neon lights everywhere and illumination similar to that of the Northern Lights. It’s unlike anything else out there. Destiny universe, and it is a technologically advanced secret city. It also houses new Cloud Striders that protect Neomuna, and the Shadow Legion Cabal faction and massive Tormentors that can attack from a distance.

Bungie once again introduces a new subclass with light fall. Strand is a green subclass, and is greatly empowered Destiny 2 guardians like nothing we’ve seen before. If you thought Stasis was powerful, Strand goes even further with abilities that focus more on movement and traversal to help.

The new Strand subclass in Destiny 2: Lightfall.
Image: Bungie

The big new thing in Strand is a grappling hook, much like what we’ve seen in Fortnite, infinity haloY apex legends. You can grab at any point and you can use the hook to grab anything. Originally developed for the Hunter class, Bungie made the call to expand it to all three classes so every Guardian can wield the grappling hook.

Strand isn’t just about the grappling hook though, it includes a lot of damage abilities. Titans get giant claws for damage, Hunters get a rope you can weave and whip, and Warlocks get a super ability similar to a barrage of blades.

Destiny 2Neomuna’s new location.
Image: Bungie

Bungie is also doing Destiny 2: Lightfall much more accessible for new and old players. Guardian Ranks is a new system that players can use to identify experienced players in Destiny 2. Bungie will also add a built-in LFG system in 2023 that will help players group up for activities. There is also a new praise system where players can show appreciation for their teammates.

Other quality of life improvements include in-game loadouts and a mod manager. Destiny 2 players have had to use third-party tools like DIM for years, so something in-game will be a very welcome addition.

Before Destiny 2: Lightfall next year is coming, there is a new season of Destiny 2 which starts today. Season of Plunder is all about being space pirates, and sees the return of the villainous Fallen Eramis. Battles include a new Ketchcrash mode where you board pirate ships and loot chests, and another activity where you chase down pirate leaders.

Season of Plunder also introduces Arc 3.0, the final rework of class abilities. Titans get a new thunder-charged melee attack with high damage, and Hunters get blink move once again. Warlocks also gain two new lightning melee attacks.

The King’s Fall raid also returns on Friday, originally part of the original The Taken King expansion. It’s a great season as we get closer to destiny 2: lightfall, next to a Fortnite Y Fall Guys crossing and Destiny 2 coming to the Epic Games Store.

Destiny 2: Lightfall arrives February 28 on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Stadia.

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