Warhammer 40K RUMORS: Astra Militarum Hellos & Goodbyes

Warhammer 40K RUMORS: Astra Militarum Hellos & Goodbyes

There is a new series of Astra Militarum rumors going around: some units saluting and some old ones saying goodbye!

The IG has had a long and regrettable 8th and 9th Edition. Abe has been beside himself with grief for years. But apparently nearing the end of the 9th edition of the codices or maybe the last one, maybe it was only a matter of time until some Astra Militarum rumors started filtering out.

Here’s the latest.

the rumors

We have three old batches and one new batch to catch up on. The 3 above have been kindly collected at B&C.

lot 1 (April 2022)

These come from Valrek and are about a month old:

  • Kasrkin plastic/cast
  • Dorn (a tank) is thick, comes with a lot of weapons (but could still get a name change!)
  • A new infantry kit, with a change to a more “veteran” theme, something like “last sons of Cadia”.
  • New Commando Squad
  • New Heavy Weapons Team
  • New Sentinels, to be “Cawl-ified” aka better tech?
  • New Headquarters/Commissioners/General

lot 2 (April 2022)

These come via Simply Warhammer who got it from a game tester. (who has been right in several codices before, including Aeldari)

  • Rogal Dorn Tank will have Hardness 9, probably also 15/16 wounds
  • Tank Commanders BS 4+ but Leman Russ turrets will be more one to hit and can fire out of combat
  • Deathstrikes revamped esp firing mechanism, 3D3 mortal wounds to everything within 6 inches and can fire 3 missiles
  • Krieg in the codex

lot 3 (April 2022)

These come via Reddit

  • A new Solar Lord in the book and he’ll be riding something…

Lot 4 (The new ones!)

These come from GSC Discord (via B&C)

  • Veteran squads and special weapons squads are off the book, and infantry squads lose access to heavy weapons, but gain a second slot for special weapons.
  • You won’t be running pure Cadians (of course you could) You’ll be able to mix and match different regiments into one force.
  • Your army bonus doesn’t care if half are catachan and half are krieg, you’ll still get your army rule.
  • The only benefit of running, say, a catachan unit is using a strategy like “vicious traps”.
  • In the enemy charge phase spend X zip When a unit is charged and on terrain, roll a d6 +1 if the unit is a catachan or guerrillas +1 if the unit has a fusion mine +1 if Sly Marbo is on the battlefield
    • On a 2-5 the enemy unit suffers d3 mortal wounds, on a 6+ the enemy unit suffers 2d3 mortal wounds
  • The command squad is now the headquarters.
  • You don’t get individual characters in front
  • Field Ordinance Battery Options
    • Bombast field pistol
    • heavy laser cannon
    • Malleus Rocket Launcher
  • Scions range is now 24″, get regiments bonus and also 6 to hit and score extra hits


This feels like a lot of minutiae of rules. But what’s interesting is the addition of three new types of “Field Ordinance Battery Options”. Combined with the new tanks listed in the previous rumor sets, it looks like GW is really pushing Astra Militarum to be the “many vehicles/weapons” type of army instead of the infantry horde route. The loss of the Veterans and Special Weapons squads feels like the recent “No model, no rules” trend is hitting again.

Overall, this feels like a set of rumors simplifying the infancy side of the army, which was always overcomplicated by how bad the individual models were, while also opening up a host of new high-powered kits to finish off. with the bad guys. Not a bad concept overall for an army that may be the weakest in the game. I have no problem positioning the Astra Militarum as the “biggest guns” faction.

If there is any army that is in desperate need of a total makeover, it is the Astra Militarum!


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