Xenoblade Chronicles 3 All Heroes And Classes - How To Unlock And Upgrade

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 All Heroes And Classes – How To Unlock And Upgrade

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Warning: There are major spoilers for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 ahead.

As you play through Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s campaign, take on specific hero and side quests, gather information at colonies and explore the enormous world of Aionios, you’ll discover and unlock a bunch of brand new heroes to aid you in your Ouroboros journey.

In this guide we’ll detail how to unlock every hero and class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, plus how to upgrade them.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Heroes And Classes Unlock Guide

Non-playable heroes are a big part of XC3. Once unlocked, they can be freely switched in and out of your party to suit your needs and help bolster your six core protagonists as a seventh member of the team. Each hero brings with them a brand new class complete with all-new moves, buffs and specials that can be equipped to any of your party of fighters once you’ve unlocked the right to use them.

Some of the hero classes you’ll unlock are straightforward fighter/healer/defender types, but some are also more interesting hybrids of the game’s three core roles, so you’ll get the benefits of a healer and fighter combined, for example, giving you more flexibility in your set-up as you head into battle. They are, in short, essential to your success, especially against some of the bigger bosses and legendary foes you’ll face out in the field during your epic adventure.

So, with all of this in mind, let’s take a look at every available hero there is to find and unlock in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and how to access their classes with all of your fighters. Where necessary we’ve gone ahead and detailed where you need to go in order to kickstart a hero quest as plenty of these extra warriors don’t just show up during the course of the campaign, you’re gonna have to get out there and hunt quite a few of them down.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – How To Unlock Access To Hero Classes

When you first recruit a hero character to your party, one of your six playable protagonists will be assigned as that hero’s Class Inheritor. In the case of Ethel, for example, who is the first hero you’ll unlock, Noah is set as her Class Inheritor, meaning he can immediately switch to her Flash Fencer class without having to earn the right.

For all other characters in your party, you’ll need to unlock access to the Flash Fencer class by having Ethel or Noah in your squad as you fight. In order to see how close a given character is to unlocking access to a class, jump into the Characters > Class menu screen and you’ll see icons for each hero class you currently own slowly filling up as you fight. Fill a hero icon and that class will become available to the fighter in question. Simple!

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