Jimmy Fallon surprises F-150 factory workers, drives Lightning with Ford CEO

Jimmy Fallon surprises F-150 factory workers, drives Lightning with Ford CEO

Comedian Jimmy Fallon stopped by the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn on Friday afternoon to hang out with Ford CEO Jim Farley and factory workers building the all-electric F-150 Lightning pickup, as the Free Press learned.

The host of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” spent nearly an hour touring the new factory with Farley and plant manager Corey Williams and Fallon Gates, a manufacturing communications specialist who leads on-site tours.

“I’m not sure who enjoyed the visit more, the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center employees or Jimmy Fallon,” said Fallon Gates, who had his own hilarious moment introducing himself to the famous visitor. “Everyone was all smiles. Jimmy said the tour really blew him away.”

Jimmy Fallon was making a few stops on the Detroit subway; this was just one, Ford said.

Factory workers cheered the actor, who starred on “Saturday Night Live” as did Chris Farley, Jim Farley’s late cousin.

They flocked to take photos with the TV host, with many asking the CEO to take cell phone pictures of employees as quickly as possible.

Factory workers shouted, “We love you,” and Fallon responded immediately.

The TV host, who spent time on his talk show discussing the infamous “frunk,” stopped by the site to meet the workers installing the massive front trunk on the truck.

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Fallon tweeted a video of himself singing “Junk in my Frunk” on May 21.

On Friday, he showed UAW employees photos of his old F-150 and talked about trucks, trucks, trucks.

Ford confirmed information given to the Free Press about the afternoon event.

The light-hearted reunion between Farley and Fallon comes a week after Ford posted second-quarter adjusted earnings of $3.7 billion, which beat industry expectations. The Lightning plays a key role in Ford’s strategy.

Fallon has joked in the past that his Ford truck was bigger than the apartment he had when he started on “SNL” in 1998.

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The CEO and talk show host reviewed a few products, including the Lightning, Bronco Raptor, and Mustang Shelby GT500. And they drove the track together.

Farley tweeted pictures of the visit at 7:11 p.m. Friday, saying, “So happy to have @JimmyFallon at @Ford. Fun day at the track and at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, MI, wowing our teams.” building the #F150Lightning. Thank you Crowbar!”

Fallon tweeted a response to Farley 17 minutes later: “You are so smart and funny and tough. Most importantly you treat your employees like family and I was so happy to see it all first hand. Thanks for having me… I told him I’d come and would hang out!!!!”

A crew from WDIV-TV (Channel 4), an NBC affiliate that carries Fallon’s show and “SNL,” was invited to stop by and interview Fallon and Farley on the tarmac.

The story was scheduled to air on Friday, Ford said.

Jimmy Fallon may have a special place in his heart for the Motor City.

He agreed to be a guest on the Spotify podcast “Drive” hosted by Farley this year that celebrated the role cars play in our personal lives. Neither was paid to do the show.

Ford said Friday that Fallon was not paid to come, he just did.

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