Why ‘Destiny 2’ Will Never Get A Fourth Class Besides Hunter, Titan And Warlock

Why ‘Destiny 2’ Will Never Get A Fourth Class Besides Hunter, Titan And Warlock

Destiny 2 may be the gold standard for today’s live service looter genre, but it obviously has its own ancestors to thank. Probably most notable is Borderlands, for making loot years before, and Borderlands itself was an attempt to bring a lot of Diablo concepts into the FPS genre.

One thing that used to be a fairly common trademark between those games and others in similar genres like MMOs, was the idea that over time, you would add more classes to the game. Diablo added additional classes like Assassin, Druid, and Paladin. Borderlands had DLC classes like Krieg and Gaige.

But Destiny, now in its eighth year as a series, and five years after Destiny 2 alone, has always kept its original trinity, Hunter, Warlock, and Titan, intact. And while it might be easy to write how a new class is born, or take one from one of the alien races that recently ventured into the light, the game never does, instead continuing to build on these same three. classes with new subclasses.

In short, this is never, never gonna happen at least not until there’s a big Destiny 3-style clean slate. And even then I’d doubt it.

Why is this not possible? Several reasons, and one we’ve seen embodied in other games as well, recently as Borderlands 3 and Outriders abandoned the idea of ​​adding new classes in favor of building on existing ones. Meanwhile, a game like Avengers keeps adding more and more new classes (heroes) to no avail.

The problem is… it’s too late. If this was going to be something that happened, it would have to have happened a long time ago. There are just too many hurdles here, both for Bungie and for players, and those combine to make a fourth class just not worth it.

1. The new class would be at an immediate disadvantage with dozens and dozens less armor sets and more importantly exotic classes, which would have to be “invented”. Since each of the three classes in Destiny currently has about 36 exotic armor each (and hundreds of legendary armor pieces), there’s simply no way for them to catch up, and they’ll always be at a disadvantage.

2. This is also equally true of subclasses. The current three have been on repeat for years at this point. This would require Bungie to come up with Arc, Solar, and Void 3.0 for this new class, plus Stasis, plus whatever new fifth subclass is about to arrive. Again, it’s hard to imagine “catching up” like that.

3. I’m willing to bet that the data shows that most players focus heavily on a single primary Guardian, with a very small percentage of the population having a true alternate or running all three classes. As such, you would be doing everybody this work to create a new class and it is possible that only a small fraction of the community actually uses that class. That’s essentially what the Borderlands team told me about why they added new skill trees instead of creating new DLC heroes this time. If you invent, say, Stasis, you’re guaranteeing almost every Destiny player will use that new subclass on their main character. But if you create a new class to start from scratch, it becomes a mere option that many players can not even touch.

4. The final factor here is time. Even if you want to cater to the most dedicated gamers, in a live game like this, there just isn’t enough. weather to run four classes on Destiny’s live service roller coaster for human players. I found myself burning out on other games because I just can’t stand the thought of, say, maxing out Jane Foster in Avengers, the eighth time I’ve ever done it in that game with so many new characters that need to grow. scratch. It’s also why I found it so difficult to get into the Lost Ark with its massive collection of classes and subclasses that need to be individually leveled and managed.

In all of this, the idea of ​​constantly adding entirely new classes is becoming increasingly antiquated, with more and more games, Destiny included, finding more value in continuing to invest in the ones they already have. That’s a lot of recovery work for very little benefit, as many players may skip the new class altogether. That is why this is not going to change.

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